Navigating the Spectrum: Instructing Multiple Levels Simultaneously

In the diverse world of fitness and movement, each class brings together individuals of varying skill levels, ages, mobility, energies, and spirits. As an instructor, your challenge and opportunity lie in striking a balance — creating a class that resonates with every member, irrespective of their individual abilities or mindset.

Recognize the Diversity

Every person walking into the class carries a unique world within them. Some may be battling the strains of a bad day, seeking solace and strength on the mat. Others, imbued with energy and confidence, are on the hunt for a challenge to elevate their skills. As an instructor, recognizing this spectrum is your first step towards effective multi-level instruction.

Set a Universal Tone, Offer Personal Choices

Start your class with a universal tone of empowerment, assurance, and encouragement. This sets the stage for inclusivity and collective growth. Following this, offer choices and alternatives for each segment of your class. This approach ensures that each member finds a path that aligns with their needs, capabilities, and goals.

Lift the Spirits, Challenge the Strong

In the grand dance of instruction, your words and guidance should aim to lift the spirits of the one who is seeking healing and provide robust challenges to the one ready to leap to greater heights. It’s about understanding the pulse of your class, reading the unspoken words, and responding with empathy, expertise, and encouragement.

Beyond the Mat: Creating a Cohesive Community

The success of multi-level instruction also echoes beyond the mat. It builds a cohesive and supportive community where every member feels valued and understood. It’s a space where the experienced and the novice grow together, bound by the shared rhythm of movement and aspiration.


Mastering the art of instructing to multiple levels at the same time is a journey of continuous learning, adaptability, and connection. It’s about embracing the diversity of your class and crafting experiences that resonate, challenge, and nurture each member, ensuring everyone moves forward together in strength and confidence.

Note: This post is part of a series on “The 10 Skills of a Great Women’s Instructor.” If you haven’t read the introduction post or the previous posts, make sure to check them out here for a comprehensive overview and a roadmap of the skills discussed. Join us as we continue to explore the intricacies and strategies that make an exceptional women’s instructor.

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