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A group of women in a gym rethinking fitness for better results and stronger relationships.

Fitness has traditionally been marketed through the lens of physical transformations, emphasizing before-and-after photos to showcase the results of hard work and dedication. However, a significant shift is happening, one that places relationships and community at the forefront of the...

A group of women, owners of a women's-only gym, wearing boxing gloves while engaging in fitness activities.

Introduction If you’re contemplating the potential of women’s-only gyms, you might be wondering, “Is there even a market for this?” The short answer is an emphatic “yes.” But beyond the financial aspects, it’s essential to recognize that women’s-only gyms meet...

A pair of dumbbells on a fitness-neutral background.

Fitness for women looks like skinny and toned bodies in revealing outfits. This marketing image has prevented women from simply exercising for joy and other intrinsic benefits, but how did we get here? We are at the end of decades...

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The 10 things you can do (today) to make your gym more comfortable for women

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