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Business Strategies

The word empower is written on a piece of paper.

Creating a robust and value-driven pricing strategy is crucial for gyms focusing on women’s fitness. Your pricing should not just reflect the costs but should also encapsulate the value, community, and transformative experience that your gym provides. Here’s a nuanced...

A group of people fostering a welcoming space for women in a gym.

Crafting a Superior Trial Program for Your Gym A phenomenal onboarding experience is crucial in a gym setting, especially when aiming to create a welcoming environment for women. How you structure your trial programs can make a significant difference in...

A body-neutral sign with white letters on it.

Introduction If you’re a gym owner or a small business entrepreneur with a passion for creating spaces that uplift and inspire—welcome. You’re probably used to the endless balancing act of profit and purpose. But what if I told you that...

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